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Each of these sessions is designed to take 30 to 45 minutes. Before hosting the seminar, we recommend these steps:

  • Make yourself familiar with each of the sessions below and the additional resources.
  • Feel free to modify, edit, or reformat any of the sessions or resources for your own context. For example, many of the presentation notes refer to examples of Christian faculty or professionals known to the original presenter. You may wish to substitute your own examples.
  • Depending on your students and time frame, you might wish to give them an article or handout to read beforehand. The additional resources page includes many articles well-suited for this.
  • Consider partnering with or at least consulting with a GFM staff member to offer this seminar.  Several staff have volunteered their availability for this, or there may be GFM staff on your campus or in your area that you know better.

Finally, don’t hesitate to contact Mike Hickerson or any of the staff listed on the first page if you have questions.

Session 1 — Daniel Bible Study

This first session provides a Biblical basis for remaining faithful to God while succeeding in a sometimes hostile academic environment. Daniel is the Bible’s closest parallel to a contemporary college student, so his life is used as an example for students to study.

Faithfulness at the U of Babylon (PDF)
This Bible study of Daniel 1 was written by the late Christian Anible, a longtime InterVarsity campus staff member at Cornell University. The early chapters of Daniel offer a close parallel to the experiences of Christian graduate students.

Session 2 — Calling and Vocation

Session 2 establishes a foundation for serving Christ throughout your whole life, including your studies and career. Rather than living a “compartmentalized” life, students are encouraged to see God’s role in every aspect of their life.

Calling and Vocation — Seminar Notes
Seminar leader’s notes for “Calling and Vocation.” Initially created by the former Director of Faculty Ministry and revised by Glenn Goldsmith.

Preparing Students to Serve Christ in their Careers
Audio Recording (mp3, 25 MB)
Outline (Word, 53 KB)
Handout: Categories for Vocational Stewardship (Word, 33 KB)
Bobby Gross, Elisabeth Rain, and Glenn Goldsmith presented this seminar at Staff Conference 2011 to help campus staff disciple students and prepare them for their careers. This would be an especially valuable resource for staff if a theology of vocation is new to you.

Session 3 — Discipleship of the Mind

Graduate school raises the stakes for students’ mental life, both in terms of shaping how they think and the impact their thinking will have on other people. In this session, we encourage students to take their thinking seriously and submit their intellectual life to the Lordship of Christ.

Life of the Mind and Importance of the University — Presentation Notes
Presentation notes created by Micheal Hickerson and the former Director of Faculty Ministry. Intended to be used with the presentation below.

Life of the Mind Presentation
Keynote Version (58.5 MB) | PowerPoint Version (12.2 MB)

Making Up the Mind Video (video, 46.3 MB)
A short video created by 2100 to address the importance of discipleship of the mind. Features a number of Christian faculty speaking about their own understanding of “loving God with their mind.”

Session 4 — Preparing for Success

Path Through Grad School Presentation
Keynote Version (254 KB) | PowerPoint Version (184 KB)
This presentation provides students with a preview of graduate school, including options in various fields, examples of typical graduate school paths, and important advice for growing as a Christian during graduate school. Includes presenter notes.

Final Page – Additional Resources

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