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These additional resources include articles, bibliographies, and handouts. Some of these are generally applicable to all students heading to graduate school, while others are specific to particular disciplines. These resources would be great to use as pre-seminar readings for students to read beforehand and then discuss during the seminar, or to be given to students during the seminar as follow-up readings. If you have several students heading into the same field (e.g. law, business), you could also use these resources as the basis for a break-out session addressing those students’ concerns.

General Resources

What Is Calling?
Marc Baer of Hope College addresses the question, “Can we really know what our calling is?”

Three Myths about What Work Matters to God
An article from Christianity Today’s Faith in the Workplace website. An excellent introduction to vocation and calling.

How to Think Your Way Through College
In this 1983 HIS magazine article, Brian Walsh addresses the importance of a Biblical worldview in college.

Faculty Portrait – Mike Smith
This is a great example of how to profile a Christian faculty member in a prayer letter. You can also use this as a model for introducing Christian faculty members to your chapter or interviewing them during a large group meeting.

First Steps to Renewing the Campus
A handful of ideas for InterVarsity staff who want to work towards renewing their campus.

Business School Resources

The Christian MBA
An paper by Wayne Smith about how business students and businesspeople can serve Christ through their work.

Education Resources

Pedagogy and the Christian Law of Love
By Marshall Gregory. An article about teaching as an expression of love.

Law School Resources

Redeeming Law
A blog for law students by Mike Schutt, who directs the Institute for Christian Legal Studies and coordinates InterVarsity’s Law School Ministry.

A Primer on the Law School Experience (Word, 1.1 MB)
A booklet written by the Christian Legal Society and InterVarsity that provides an overview of the law school experience for campus ministers. This can also be a great resources for potential law school students, though the shorter version below is probably more appropriate.

An Introduction to the Unique Challenges of Law School (Word, 66 KB)
A substantially shorter version of the Primer above.

Resources for Students Going into Research Degrees

Advice to Those Who Would Be Scholars
Philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff of Yale University draws on his personal experience to provide valuable advice to students considering the academic vocation.

Where Do I Go From Here? Resources for Undergraduates (PDF, 213 KB)
A bibliography, roadmap to the professorate, and suggested next steps for emerging scholars.

Links to Other Ministries and Organizations

The Well
Sponsored by InterVarsity’s Women in the Academy and Professions, The Well is a virtual gathering place for graduate and professional women to receive wisdom, care, challenge, and inspiration as they seek to follow Christ in the academic or work world.

Professional Schools Ministries
InterVarsity’s ministries to business, law, and healthcare schools.

Nurses Christian Fellowship
InterVarsity’s ministry to nursing students, faculty, and practicing nurses.

Christian Professional and Academic Societies
A long list of Christian organizations in many different disciplines.

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