Getting Ready for Grad School Curriculum

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Thank you for your interest in field-testing this new Getting Ready for Graduate School seminar! Please note that this is a temporary web page for this curriculum during the field-testing stage. ESN plans to add additional resources as they become available and to update the resources below in response to your feedback.

– Thomas B. Grosh IV, Associate Director, Emerging Scholars Network

Curriculum Development Team: Micheal Hickerson (lead), Robin Capcara, Glenn Goldsmith

Your Feedback Is Wanted

Remember: this curriculum is currently being tested – by you, I hope! Please email Tom (or one of the staff below) if:

  • you offer this seminar on your campus or at an event
  • you have questions about how to use one of the resources
  • you have ideas for improving any of the resources
  • you create your own resources for the seminar
  • you have any feedback whatsoever that you would like to share

Staff Available to Consult and Assist

There are also several other experienced InterVarsity staff you can contact with questions about this curriculum or about helping your students prepare for graduate school. If you are planning to offer this seminar near any of them, I would encourage you to get in touch with them. They may be able to assist or support you.

  • Doug Jackson, Northeast Faculty Ministry Coordinator (Rochester, NY) – email
  • Rick Mattson, Apologist – Midwest Cluster (St. Paul, MN) – email
  • Howard Van Cleave, Midwest Faculty Ministry Coordinator (Columbus, OH) – email
  • Tom Grosh, Associate Director, Emerging Scholars Network, reside in South Central PA – email

Next – Orientation to the Seminar

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