Review: March Madness ’14 Finals, Dialogue . . .

Integrating faith & field vs. Realizing justice in action

Ready for finals . . . graduation?

Yes, we’ve made it to the finals of ESN March Madness ’14. I have learned a lot as we have wrestled with the question:

What is the most pressing issue for the Christian to engage when journeying in higher ed?

Please share your vote and invite others to do likewise. Winner will be announced on Good Friday (4/18). Note: If you haven’t voted in ESN March Madness ’14 (and invited others to do likewise), now is the time to engage to make sure your vote is heard.

As I’ve shared before, this tourney is influencing our priority of focus as we prepare for Fall 2014. If you have a desire to address a particular topic or recommend a possible contributor (e.g., book to be reviewed, book reviewer, interview, offer a reflection), please let me know.

Engaging in the conversation . . .

Below are a few pieces which really caught my attention and yes, there are more on ESN’s Facebook Wall 🙂 Please do not hesitate to share your must reads in the comments section below, on Facebook, via email, etc. . . .

C.S. Lewis. The Horse and His Boy. Harper Collins, originally published in 1954.

This week on the ESN Blog

A Student’s Prayer (John W. Peterson, v.3)

May the things we learn, so meager, never lift our hearts in pride.

May the things we learn, so meager, never lift our hearts in pride

Till in foolish self-reliance we would wander from Thy side.

Let them only bind us closer, Lord, to Thee, in whom we find

Very fountainhead of Wisdom, Light and life of all mankind.

Mark Eckel‘s conclusion to Owning Education.

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