Kairos — from “The Kingdom: Poems for Ordinary Time”

The Kingdom: Poems for Ordinary Time
By Hannah Eagleson

IV. Kairos

The wheat is full, pushing through the husks, ripe.
It overflows, lacking only
Those who yearn to harvest,
To gather and to give.

The fig tree must grow
Or wither.
In season or out,
Fruit is needed
For the hungry.

The king invites
The weary travellers,
The vagabonds and panhandlers
To join the wedding feast.

The time is always now.


Note: Hannah Eagleson contributes to both the Emerging Scholars Network’s (ESN) Blog and The WellThe earlier pieces in her four part series The Kingdom: Poems for Ordinary Time are Sparrows, LiliesKingdom. May you, as a fellow traveller, find rest and encouragement in The Kingdom: Poems for Ordinary Time. To God be the glory! ~ Thomas B. Grosh IV, Associate Director of ESN, editor of ESN’s blog and Facebook Wall.

PS. If you have poems, essays, and/or reflections to share with Emerging Scholars, please email me.

Photo by Kiwien

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Hannah Eagleson

Hannah Eagleson is Interim Associate Director of InterVarsity’s Emerging Scholars Network (ESN). She launched and still edits ESN's collaboratively written devotional for academics, Scholar's Compass. Hannah also crafts other community-building events and materials for ESN. She holds a PhD in English literature from the University of Delaware, and an MA from St. John's College in Annapolis, MD. she’s working on a novel about a dragon who gave up fending off knights to become a tea importer in eighteenth-century England.

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