Lilies — from “The Kingdom: Poems for Ordinary Time”

The Kingdom: Poems for Ordinary Time
By Hannah Eagleson

II. Lilies

Pulling into the driveway,
Late (of course) –
Gathering my backpack, change, glasses, groceries,
Hoarding scraps of time,
Clutching each moment
Like a miser
And hoping for enough –

I see (not there the day before)
A daylily, sprinkled with warm brown,
Sprawled in vast orange leisure
Against the green of my hedge.


Hannah Eagleson, a contributor to both the Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) Blog and The Well, began her four series The Kingdom: Poems for Ordinary Time with Sparrows. May you find the whole series a blessing throughout the day. To God be the glory! ~ Thomas B. Grosh IV, Associate Director of ESN, editor of ESN’s blog and Facebook Wall.

PS. If you have poems, essays, and/or reflections to share with Emerging Scholars, please email me.

Update: 10/22/2013, 7:23 AM.

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Hannah Eagleson

Hannah Eagleson is a writer/editor on staff with InterVarsity’s Emerging Scholars Network (ESN). She edits ESN's collaboratively written devotional for academics, Scholar's Compass. Hannah also crafts other community-building events and materials for ESN. She holds a PhD in English literature from the University of Delaware, and an MA from St. John's College in Annapolis, MD. she’s working on a novel about a dragon who gave up fending off knights to become a tea importer in eighteenth-century England.

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