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Huh? What’s that you say? (“A Scholar,” Rembrandt, 1631)

Periodically, we like to look back to see what our most popular posts have been.  We did this in 2009, in July 2010, and again last December. You can also see a running log of our top posts. Popularity isn’t everything, but Tom and I like to keep tabs on what generates interest and spurs conversation.

Here are the most popular posts we published this past year.

  1. Jesus Didn’t Choose Scholars…  (which was also our most commented-upon post of the year)
  2. What I Wish I’d Known: Balancing Life and Graduate School (along with #3 and #6, part of Hannah Eagleson‘s guest series about graduate school)
  3. What I Wish I’d Known About Graduate School: Surviving the Workload
  4. What I Wish I’d Known About Faculty Life: Departmental Politics, Etc. (along with #9, part of Kevin Birth‘s series on faculty life)
  5. Why Bother with Advent? (the first post in our Advent series by Charlie Clauss)
  6. What I Wish I’d Known about Graduate School: Intro
  7. What have you been watching over Christmas Break? (in which Tom Grosh re-entered the Tardis)
  8. Head, Heart & Hands: Fragmented Faith and Fragmented People (Intro/Chapter 1)
  9. What I Wish I’d Known About Faculty Life: The Tenure Track, Etc.
  10. How Do Christian Faculty Integrate Their Faith and Work? (which included a link to an academic paper about the  InterVarsity Midwest Faculty Conference)
What were your favorite posts of the past year – from our blog or others? 


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