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2009 Turns into 2010Before we get too far into 2010, let’s take a look back at our top posts for 2009, in terms of total hits. Posts from early in the year dominate because they’ve had more time to accumulate visits, but it might be good to revisit some posts you might have missed the first time around.

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  1. What’s the purpose of the university? — Wendell Berry on the university.
  2. Why get a PhD in the Humanities? — Why, indeed?
  3. Linguistics and Faith — Reflections on the work of a former Christian linguist.
  4. Your Mind Matters 1: Mindless Christianity — The first post of our summer book club on John Stott’s classic.
  5. Wendell Berry on the University — Yep, more Wendell Berry.
  6. Well-Known Atheist Converts to Christianity — My April Fool’s Day post. Sincere apologies to all who were rickrolled.
  7. End the University as We Know It — Conversation about a NY Times’ editorial on the future (or lack thereof) of the university.
  8. Reading Lists and Primary Literature — What are the fundamental texts of your discipline?
  9. Preparing for the Lenten Journey — Tom provides some resources for observing Lent.
  10. Keys of Thriving (Not Just Surviving!) — Like the title says.

And two bonus posts that might be in our top 10 next year: your picks for best books for undergrads and my interview with Bobby Gross about his book, Living the Christian Year.

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