Week in Review: Advent Edition

What are you reading, watching, thinking about this week? Anything special with some time off or is there too much going on with the holiday?

As usual, here’s a few which have been on our mind. Let us know your thoughts on any/all of them.  In addition, if you have items you’d like us to consider for the top five, add them in the comments or send them to Tom or Mike.

1. Sabbath? Who has time for a sabbath? – Regular reader Tobin sends us this from the always funny PhD (“Piled Higher and Deeper”) Comics.

2.  Are you desiring to become more familiar with the lectionary as we begin Advent?  If so, swing by Christine Sine’s post Daily Bible Readings For Advent, consider Living in the Christian Year, and/or visit the daily posts of Following the Star (HT Arlene).  Note:  If you have suggestions to throw in the mix, please comment or drop us a note for inclusion in next week’s post.

3. More on Living the Christian Year.  IVP has Lauren Winner’s foreword and the first chapter, “Discovering Sacred Time,” available for free download. Also, a Facebook group has been created for those who want to live the Christian year together.

4.  Looking for stocking stuffers? Listen to Christmas Books, Part 2 (Podcast, posted 11/30/09) in which Stan Guthrie and John Wilson discuss some good books to give and receive.  Any additional suggestions you have for our Christmas Wish List?

5. An early Christmas gift for science buffs: The Royal Society (the world’s oldest scientific society, founded 1660) has created Trailblazing, a timeline of landmark scientific papers and events, with links to the original Royal Society articles.  We’re talking important stuff here: Newton’s theory of color and light, Leeuwenhoek’s discovery of microbes, Benjamin Franklin’s famous kite experiment, an examination of an 8-year-old Mozart…you’ll waste at least an hour looking at these.

12/5/2012 8:15 AM Note from the editor: For ESN’s developing Advent archive click here.

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