What’s on Your Christmas Wish List?

Last week, I wrote about Advent, so, in true American fashion, I’m skipping straight ahead to Christmas. 🙂 (Don’t worry – I believe Tom is taking a more spiritual approach this week.)

Yesterday was my three four-year-old daughter’s birthday, and she has this “wish list” thing nailed down. She was very clear about what she wanted: a Frisch’s Big Boy bank, a snow globe, and a gingerbread house. (Her name is Ginger, so gingerbread is very near and dear to her heart.) I’m not nearly so good at knowing what I want or expressing it, so I get a lot of gift cards. Still, a few standard wishes include board games (Ticket to Ride has been wished for several years, and Carcassonne expansions are always welcome) and books of assorted varieties, mostly theology and references. It looks like IVP has put together a Christmas gift guide, and I couldn’t say “no” to any of those.

But enough about me. What’s on your wish list?

P.S. If you creating a wish list, check out Lifehacker’s five best wish list tools.

P.P.S. If you are going to Urbana, don’t miss out on the November discount code!

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