Finding Work . . .

C.S. Lewis' desk and chair

C.S. Lewis’ desk and chair. Taken at the Marion E. Wade Center, Wheaton College by Thomas B. Grosh IV.

Below is the first step in creating a Finding Work resource which not only lists job opportunities brought to our attention by friends in higher education, but also links to Emerging Scholars Network resources for the academic journey. Over time we’ll develop a more complex resource supplemented by a rich compilation of carefully selected article links, stories, insights, and recommendations from those on the journey. As this will be a long process (and in some ways never ending), we thought it would be good to get started and by doing such offer a taste of what we have at present. Please consider this not only a resource (and a teaser of more to come), but also an invitation to help us build the resource by sharing particular topics/concerns for us to address and/or lending a hand through writing.

Job Opportunities

Mapping Your Academic Career - BurgePractical suggestions

Digging Deeper into Vocation

One Final Note . . .

Thank-you to those who have blessed their campus fellowship by sharing valuable resources by email lists, Facebook Walls, Tweets, websites, etc. If you haven’t already begun to do such, please let us know of particular resources/topics which come to your attention as valuable to post, explore, and/or develop. This process is a significant part of our ministry as a learning community and yes, we really enjoy keeping our Facebook Wall and Tweets active with cutting edge material 🙂 Great to have you part of the network, at times what I (Tom) even dare call a team. To God be the glory!

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