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What tips/ideas do you have for InterVarsity’s National Graduate & Faculty Ministry Staff Team Members in Using Social Media Appropriately and Effectively to Grow Communities?  Now’s your opportunity to give input.  I’m leading a seminar on the topic at our April Team Meetings.  Here’s some material I’m seeking to address:

  1. How do we use social media appropriately to
    1. build community?  Note:  How does social media influence our/your definition of community or the various forms of community in which we find ourselves?  The seminar will take the direction of building local, face-to-face campus communities, but I’m also interested in the other forms of community, such one finds in the Emerging Scholars Network.
    2. invite others to engage with our community?
    3. engage others with ideas we are discussing in our communities?
  2. What are some do’s and don’ts for healthy, appropriate and effective use of technology?
  3. What’s available? What’s changing? How do we make decisions?
  4. How do we make decisions about the use of technology when engaging with audiences of different generations in our ministry?  Note:  Please don’t skip.  Due to the overall conference theme, it has particular relevance.  🙂  Feel free to also share How you make decisions about the use of technology when engaging with audiences of different generations in higher education?

Calling out to the community/network for input. …

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Tom Grosh IV

Enjoys daily conversations regarding living out the Biblical Story with his wife Theresa, four girls, around the block, at Elizabethtown Brethren in Christ Church (where he hosts the Christian Scholar Series), on campus as part of InterVarsity Graduate & Faculty Ministry (serving fellowships such as the Christian Medical Society/CMDA at Penn State College of Medicine), online as the Associate Director of the Emerging Scholars Network, in the culture at large, and in God's creation.

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  • bensonhines@hotmail.com'
    Benson Hines commented on March 5, 2010 Reply

    I know y’all are looking at a slightly different audience, but Brian Barela regularly writes on this stuff – and does a GREAT job at it. His blog is at http://brianbarela.typepad.com/the_necessary_things/

    Also, there’s a Facebook group for Facebook tips for College Ministers – look in my groups for that or send me a message; it’s done by a guy who’s a professional social media consultant but wants to help college ministers!

  • Thomas B. Grosh IV commented on March 20, 2010 Reply

    Thank-you Brian (and Benson for making the connection)! I appreciate your blog and for the topic at hand, you’ve done an excellent job introducing Facebook (which continues to change!).

    After I have draft two of the presentation together, would you mind if dropped you an email/message with some specific questions regarding material?

    • brianbarela23@gmail.com'
      Brian Barela commented on March 21, 2010 Reply

      that would be great. look forward to helping out in any way i can!

      the email attached to the comment is the best one to reach me at.

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