Reaching the Campus Tribes

Exploring Campus Ministry

Exploring Campus Ministry

1.  Do you remember the mention of Benson Hines in the May 8 Week in Review? Yesterday, I had the opportunity to chat with Benson during Road Trip 13 and bring him along to a gathering of the PSU-Hershey Christian Medical Society.  If you haven’t already read Reaching the Campus Tribes, I’d encourage you add to your Thanksgiving Break To-Do List

  • swinging by Reaching the Campus Tribes to download, skim, and enjoy the pics in Benson’s free on-line book exploring campus ministry in the USA.
  • sharing your thoughts on/reactions to the piece from your role in higher education.  As you may remember, I posted some initial reflections here and more here.
  • suggesting blogs to add to my big list of college ministry blogs (so far).  In particular, are there followers of Christ from the academic sphere which have particularly insightful blogs on higher education?

David Kinnaman

Melinda Lundquist Denton

2.  On January 28, Messiah College (Grantham, PA) will be hosting the Next Generation:  understanding its faith practices and impact upon faith communities.  The conference speakers will be David Kinnaman and Melinda Denton Lundquist.  Can’t wait to have the opportunity to interact with both the author of unChristian and the co-author of Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers on the below questions. …

– How are teens and young adults approaching matters of faith today?
– What impact is this emerging generation having upon churches and other faith-related institutions?
– How can Christian leaders better engage this generation?

If you’re available/interested, please join me for the conference.  If you’d like to come, but can’t, please let me what questions you’d like explored and I’ll try to bring back some “responses.” Note: I’m exploring the possibility of some interviews to go along with my early February conference summary.

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