One Positive Use of Twitter: Free Research Software

My post about Twitter didn’t generate much (i.e. any) conversation, but here is one redeeming use of Twitter: free software. MacHeist (a website that offers free and discounted Mac software) is giving away a free copy of DEVONthink to anyone who sends a specific message on Twitter. Sure, it’s a shameless ploy for free publicity, but DEVONthink is worth it, IMHO. I use it to store research, PDFs, book quotes, random article, and just about everything else digital in my life. It’s not cross-platform like Evernote, but if you have a Mac and like free software, it can be yours.

(For other research, writing, and information-management tools, check out my “What Tools Do You?” post from last year.)

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Micheal Hickerson

The former Associate Director for the Emerging Scholars Network, Micheal lives in Cincinnati with his wife and three children and works as a web manager for a national storage and organization company. He writes about work, vocation, and finding meaning in what you do at No Small Actors.

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    Amy commented on March 5, 2009 Reply

    I’ve never touched Twitter. Perhaps I’m too verbose for it. I never update my status on Facebook either, so there seems little need for another \Here’s what I’m doing right at this very moment, oh my goodness I am so In The Present\ outlet that I will not use. I prefer to update my 13 (*sigh*, I counted recently) to do lists on my iGoogle.
    (Not knocking people who do use Twitter. I just can’t seem to get into it myself.)

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