Faith/Science Resources from our STEAM Grant Project

science photoSTEAM logoLooking for thoughtful, approachable resources on faith and science for a discussion group or personal study? ESN is thrilled to share the faith/science resources we developed through a STEAM Project grant from Fuller Seminary. They include a blog series designed to make it easy to start a faith/science discussion group, and recordings from our student/early career track at the 2017 American Scientific Affiliation conference. And stay tuned for a book version of our blog discussion guide in 2019! 

This project was made possible through the support of an award from the Science and Theology for Emerging Adult Ministries project at Fuller Theological Seminary. The opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Fuller or the STEAM project.

Faith and Science Discussion Guide Series at the ESN Blog

We crowdsourced common questions about faith and science from InterVarsity grad student discussion groups on different campuses, and then we commissioned scientists and theologians in our network to write an answer to each question and provide discussion questions for small groups. Find this resource here:

Book Version of the Faith and Science Discussion Guide Series

Our book version is organized to make it easy to lead a thoughtful and approachable faith and science discussion group. We field tested the series above with InterVarsity groups, grad students, and InterVarsity campus ministers, then revised to make it even stronger. You can order the book from Hendrickson Publishers at the link above.

Faith and Science Talks from our Student/Early Career Track at the ASA Faith/Science Conference

As part of our STEAM Project, we also sponsored a student/early career track in collaboration with the American Scientific Affiliation at their 2017 faith/science conference. If you enjoyed our STEAM project faith/science blog series, you may also want to listen to the panels below, hosted at the ASA website. We’ve gathered a list of them here for your convenience:

  • Speaker, S. Joshua Swamidass: Science, Mission, and Flourishing (audio, slides)
  • Panel, Se Kim, Denis Lamoureux, Kevin Orner, Ciara Reyes: Communicating with Secular Peers About Faith and Science (audio)
  • Panel, Otonye Braide-Moncoeur, Josiah Lewis, Johnny Lin: Flourishing in a Science Career (audio)
  • Panel, Katharine Hayhoe, Stephen Moshier, and Leslie Wickman: Communicating about Science with Christian Communities (audio)

ASA Executive Director Leslie Wickman shares insights regarding “Communicating about Science with Christian Communities” as part of an Emerging Scholars Network panel at the 2017 ASA Annual Meetings. She was joined on this panel by Texas Tech U. political science professor / director of the Climate Science Center Katharine Hayhoe and ASA president / Wheaton Chair of Geology Stephen Moshier.

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