A Prayer for the Work of Christian Scholars

This summer, we’re sharing prayers for and by Christian scholars in our network. We hope this is a chance for readers to connect with each other and with God, to be encouraged, and to pray together. May this series remind us of how the church is connected across time and space in the love of Jesus Christ our Lord. Today’s prayer is by Deryck Chan, the author of the popular Emerging Scholars Network Scholar’s Compass post: Words of Authority.

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Our father in heaven, let us honour you in all our plans, all our toil, and all our achievements.

Let us seek your glory and follow your commands above all else.

In all our experiments into the unknown, let not our assumptions, but your will be shown.

Give us the wisdom, the intelligence, and the resources we need to carry out our work.

Forgive us of our mistakes and help us forgive ourselves and our co-workers of every mistake.

Protect us from jealousy and endue us with a heart of appreciation, so that we shall celebrate the achievements of our competitors and ourselves alike.

Lead us away from the temptations and pressures of this world to conform to malpractice, and keep us on the narrow path of integrity even when it may appear to hurt our career prospects.

For you sustain the laws of the universe for us to discover, you alone can forgive sins, and you enable us to find satisfaction in our discoveries.

Let us give all glory to you for your holy name. Amen.

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Deryck Chan

Deryck Chan is a civil engineer, currently undertaking his PhD studies in underground construction at Cambridge University. He has previously worked with Engineering Ministries International, a Christian charity that sends architects and engineers to serve the church in places with technical needs. He is passionate about food, languages, social justice, and living out the word of God in all walks of life.

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    Kenneth Arnold commented on July 31, 2018 Reply

    Wow, this is such a helpful way to pray the Lord’s Prayer!

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