A Prayer for Christian Academics This Summer

Campus Conversation

This summer, we’re sharing prayers for and by Christian scholars in our network. We hope this is a chance for readers to connect with each other and with God, to be encouraged, and to pray together. May this series remind us of how the church is connected across time and space in the love of Jesus Christ our Lord. Today’s prayer is by Tim Gilmour, a longtime ESN participant and a professor at John Brown University.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,

Thank you for saving us and calling us to be with You in glory. Please help your saints who work in universities, this summer and this upcoming year. Give us wisdom and discernment, to know what areas to research and what avenues to pursue, what subjects to teach and how to teach them, which students to hire and how to mentor them well. Give us wisdom to know what initiatives, groups, and movements we should support, oppose, or remain neutral to.

Give us discernment to understand the worldviews and motivations behind the words spoken around us. Please provide financially for us, our families, and our students. Give us good conversations with colleagues, students, and others, that represent You accurately and leave people thirsty for You.

Give us pure hearts that find our satisfaction in You at all times. Help us to be constantly breaking down the ‘idol factories’ of our hearts. Let us hold nothing back from You. Give us encouragement and hope and peace when we are faced with frightening news or changes or opposition. Help us to process criticism and student feedback with a thick skin, a teachable mind, and an emotional anchor in Your constant love for us.

Give us boldness to stand gently and firmly on the truth of Your Scriptures, no matter what the consequences for our career. Give us willingness to give up our career completely if necessary, rather than our faith in You. Help us be unashamed of the gospel.

Give us love and a forgiving heart toward everyone we work with, including the difficult people. Give us eyes open to see the needs of those around us, like the Good Samaritan had. Help us to know when to speak openly of You to a struggling student, and when to wait; when to speak strongly, and when to speak gently. Help us be unafraid of criticism for doing what is right.

Help us to understand the times and geopolitical situation in the light of Scripture, and see the global and local opportunities You have put before us. Give us more joy and peace in You. Help us to walk closely with you every day of this summer and upcoming year.

May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be pleasing to You, Lord, our Rock and our Redeemer.

In Your Name we ask this, amen.

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Tim Gilmour

Tim Gilmour is Assistant Professor of Engineering at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR. He has published scientific papers in the areas of biomedical signal processing and neuroscience, and currently teaches electrical engineering, computer science, and embedded systems. In his free time he enjoys spending time with friends, reading, hiking, music, playing Frisbee and Ping-Pong, learning about other cultures, and spreading the good news about Jesus Christ.

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  • lionman19@gmail.com'
    RomanticistJedi commented on July 13, 2018 Reply

    This is an absolutely beautiful prayer—it responds to the deepest needs and anxieties I have as a Christian academic. Thank you.

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