Next Steps for ESN — Prayer

Celtic Christian Spirituality: Essential Writings — Annotated & Explained. Annotation by Mary C. Earle (Woodstock, VT: Skylight Paths Publishing, 2011).

My speech — may it praise you without flaw: May my heart love you, King of heaven and earth.

My speech — may it praise you without flaw: Make it easy for me for me, pure Lord, to do you all service and to adore you.

My speech — may it praise you without flaw: Father of all affection, hear my poems and my speech.

— This prayer from Ireland [Twelfth Century] calls our attention to speech that is worthy of God. In our age of careless or hurtful speech, this prayer reminds us that all speech is in God’s hearing. Our voices are intended for praise, poetry, and song. The prayer encourages us to be mindful of our speech, and to offer praise to the God who has made us.

Over the past several months Hannah and I both have experienced stirrings regarding the importance of continually offering our labors to the Lord in prayer. Some may point to transitions and insecurities, but I sense that it is the Lord calling us to place our confidence regarding the Emerging Scholars Network (ESN)’s next steps at the feet of Christ alone.

As part of a practicum on Spiritual Direction, I am reading Celtic Christian Spirituality: Essential Writings — Annotated & Explained (Annotation by Mary C. Earle). Although I am disappointed with the inclusion of Pelagius, as a whole I have appreciated the annotated format and many of the prayers. Three items for this post:

To God be the glory!

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