Why I Appreciate Christian Scholars, Post 2

This spring semester, ESN is delighted to introduce a new occasional series, “Why I Appreciate Christian Scholars.” In this series, we’ll hear from believers in many vocations and walks of life who want to share an encouraging word on why they value the work of Christians in academic vocations. Our second post is by Christopher Lim, founder of TheoTech, a company activating technologists to use their gifts for the Gospel. See the first post here. 

Few things are as satisfying as intellectual conversations full of wit, insight, and understanding. And few people are as capable and generous in such conversations as Christian scholars.

Who else can compare the effects of 1920s newsroom technology with contemporary social media? Who else can teach you how to experience George Herbert’s poetry and apply it to life? Who else can envision the impact of artificial intelligence for the Gospel and what to do about it?

My personal appreciation for Christian scholars stems from the many deep, enriching conversations I’ve had with them. People who combine intellectual acumen with a passion for their field, the patience to teach and a mind set on Christ are a rare gift.

More broadly, I’m grateful for their witness to the Kingdom of God in the world:

  1. Christian scholars love the truth. They uphold the worth of the truth through their relentless pursuit of precise knowledge with integrity. They show that the truth matters even when many people do not care to hear it.
  2. Christian scholars are brave. They stand up to intellectual bullies and use their knowledge to teach, protect and serve others. They show what it means to speak the truth in love, building people up instead of tearing them down.
  3. Christian scholars make disciples. By their work, values and teaching, they influence and embolden others to become like Christ in their academic vocations–even when they do not realize it.

So to all my brothers and sisters in academia, thank you for using your finest gifts to serve God even when it’s hard and the fruit of your labor is long in coming.

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9 ESV)

A Prayer for Christian Scholars

Father, thank you for giving us wisdom, insight and understanding through your Son Jesus. Thank you for my brothers and sisters in academia and our fellowship in Jesus. Fill us with your Spirit, help us to abide in you so that we will bear fruit for your glory through every trial and breakthrough. Satisfy us with your steadfast love and faithfulness, give us endurance. And however difficult it may seem, empower us to be your bold witnesses in word and deed, especially in the harvest fields of academia. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Image: Courtesy of Flickr user lasr21, photo by @tuxlan, Album WomozLatam_MX; In group Mozilla México. Shared under a Creative Commons CC BY 2.0 license.

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Christopher Lim

Christopher Lim is founder of TheoTech, a company activating technologists to use their gifts for the Gospel. His company is behind Ceaseless, an app that helps people pray for others, and spf.io, a system providing real-time translation of worship services and conferences. He blogs at meritandgrace.com.

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