Why ESN Needs You: A Long Obedience in the Same Direction

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Give to ESN and double your gift! Generous donors have offered a matching grant of $6000 for ESN.

Eugene Peterson famously applied Nietzsche’s line about “a long obedience in the same direction” to describe how to grow in the Christian life. It also describes the process of becoming a Christian scholar. The same virtues of diligence, faithfulness, patience, and trust in God that all believers need are vital to the long haul of following Christ in the university.

ESN wants to be there for Christian scholars in that long obedience, to be one conduit through which God’s grace flows. It’s a long process: supporting students as they find a graduate school, learn their craft, figure out how write a dissertation, find a job, navigate tough times, and live faithfully in the everyday work.

It’s a process with many parts, and we’re seeking to build a library of resources that addresses the joys and challenges of different stages and endeavors emerging scholars take on. We’ve published on everything from finding a postdoc in the sciences to surviving as the family of a new graduate student to learning scholarly virtues from the Iliad to data journalism on evangelicals and politics to studying Daniel. But there are so many more resources we would love to produce, like pieces on choosing a graduate school or navigating the early days of the tenure track, as well as more Scholar’s Compass devotionals on integrating faith and academic life.

To do this, we need God’s help. And we also need you. We need writers, people who pray for us, mentors, and more. And we also need partners willing to come alongside ESN financially. We’re so grateful for all the ways our readers have participated this year. Without your generosity, we could not work to care for emerging scholars across the long haul. We thank God for you and for all the ways you partner with us!

Thank you so much to those who gave financial support on Giving Tuesday. After your generous giving then, we reached $2000 for year end giving, one third of the way to our goal of matching $6000. If you’re one of the people who gave, thank you so much. Your participation and partnership encourages us deeply.

If you haven’t given to ESN at year end, would you consider a gift or ongoing commitment today? However large or small, we would be deeply thankful.

Give to ESN here.

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