Science in Review: Looking Back at 2016

john glenn photo

John Glenn on his first orbit of Earth in Friendship 7 (Photo by NASA on The Commons)

Incrementing a year on the calendar may be somewhat arbitrary, but it’s still a good excuse to take stock and remember where we’ve been so we can get a better handle on where we are going. With that in mind, here are some of the standout moments from the year 2016 in the realm of science and the intersection of science and faith.

I’m grateful for the chance to explore the intersection of science and faith with you for another year. I appreciate all of the comments, questions and feedback I’ve gotten from readers. I’d love to hear your reflections on 2016 and what you’d like to hear more about in the year to come. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, and join me in 2017 to see where science takes us.

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Andy Walsh

Andy has worn many hats in his life. He knows this is a dreadfully clichéd notion, but since it is also literally true he uses it anyway. Among his current metaphorical hats: husband of one wife, father of two elementary school students, reader of science fiction and science fact, enthusiast of contemporary symphonic music, and chief science officer. Previous metaphorical hats include: comp bio postdoc, molecular biology grad student, InterVarsity chapter president (that one came with a literal hat), music store clerk, house painter, and mosquito trapper. Among his more unique literal hats: British bobby, captain's hats (of varying levels of authenticity) of several specific vessels, a deerstalker from 221B Baker St, and a railroad engineer's cap. His monthly Science in Review is drawn from his weekly Science Corner posts -- Wednesdays, 8am (Eastern) on the Emerging Scholars Network Blog. His book Faith across the Multiverse is available from Hendrickson.

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