Highlighting Community: The Center for Christianity and Scholarship, Upcoming Events in North Carolina

wisdom-class-pic-2-copy-center-for-faith-and-scholarship-september-21The Center for Christianity and Scholarship explores intersections of Christian thought with the scholarly and academic life of the university. Since 2012, CCS has worked with students and faculty at Duke University and around North Carolina’s Research Triangle to create and sustain a community of scholars interested and engaged in discovering what it means to think as Christians about the workings of the physical world, social structures, history, art, philosophy, and other fields of study. CCS intends thereby to encourage the intellectual discipleship of Christians, both in the university and in the broader community; to engage in respectful dialogue with those who hold other worldviews and belief systems; to participate in the university’s search for knowledge and understanding; and to contribute to the general welfare of society.

CCS engages the university in three primary ways: public lectures, courses and reading groups for university students, and training and development opportunities for university faculty. First, CCS partners each year with a number of university departments to host guest scholars in a variety of fields. We prioritize lecture partnerships over standalone lectures in hopes of building a positive academic relationship with the university. Second, we work alongside Christian faculty to create extra-curricular short courses for students. Such courses give students an opportunity both to learn under Christian faculty members and to reflect on Christian faith perspectives in an academic context. Course topics include human flourishing, wisdom, what makes us human, questions in Christianity, and the problem of evil. Finally, CCS regularly sponsors events that build fellowship among faculty and give them opportunities to consider research from Christian theological perspectives. In addition to monthly gatherings, for the past two years, CCS has worked with InterVarsity Graduate and Faculty Ministries at Duke and UNC and The Veritas Forum to co-sponsor a two-day faculty training conference called Triangle Riff. The conference provides faculty fellows expert training in integrating Christian theological perspectives with their academic work for the hearing of non-specialist audiences.

If you live around North Carolina’s Research Triangle or are in the area this fall during one of our events, we invite you to stop by! This fall’s upcoming public events include:

Human Character: A Bleak Outlook?

Christian Miller, Professor of Philosophy, Wake Forest University

Tuesday, September 27 @ 12pm

136 Social Sciences Building, Duke’s West Campus


Faith and Votes: Beardsley and Feaver Solve All the World’s Problems 

Duke Political Science professors Kyle Beardsley and Peter Feaver

Wednesday, Oct 12 @ 7:30 pm, Nelson Music Room, East Duke Building, Duke’s East Campus

(co-sponsored with Duke Cru)


City of Man: The Practice of Faith in Politics Before, During and After the 2016 Election

Peter Wehner, Author and Senior Fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center

Thursday, Nov 3 @ 5:00 pm, Rhodes Conference Room, Sanford School of Public Policy

(co-sponsored with Duke’s program in American Grand Strategy, Kenan Institute for Ethics, and POLIS)

For more information or simply to introduce yourself, feel free to email us at info@christianityandscholarship.org. We look forward to meeting you!


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    Kelly commented on September 22, 2016 Reply

    Love it! Thanks for highlighting the center. Especially looking forward to the October event where Drs. Beardsley and Feaver will solve all the world’s problems (or at least who to vote for) 🙂

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