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ESN Scholar’s Compass Match (GoFundMe)

Happy Fourth of July! We’re celebrating at ESN this week for a variety of reasons, including God’s generosity expressed through donors. For July only, we’ve received a matching gift opportunity to raise $2500. 

Scholar's Compass Author Dave Vosburg With Teaser Booklet

Scholar’s Compass author Dave Vosburg with teaser booklet at a recent BioLogos Conference.

This money will allow us to share Scholar’s Compass with students and faculty at the many summer conferences ESN is visiting, through our new Scholar’s Compass teaser booklet. The well-crafted and beautifully designed teaser features five devotionals, representing a wide range of topics and experiences shared on the blog. They have been hard to keep in stock at the InterVarsity Graduate & Faculty Ministries Staff Team Meetings, the Consortium of Christian Study Center’s Annual Meeting, and the recent BioLogos Conference. Why? Students, faculty, and campus ministers find great encouragement in a devotional for academics, by academics with such a rich variety of contributions across disciplines, topics, and academic stage. Not only does this unique resource fill a much needed resource niche, but also there is great enthusiasm for the complementary exploration of A Theology of Vocation in the Context of Higher EducationPlease let us know if you want to see a booklet!

We’re especially excited about taking the booklet to the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) Annual Meeting in late July. Because our collaboration with ASA is new, many ASA members will not yet be familiar with Scholar’s Compass. Since we’ll be hosting a reception, we’ll have a perfect moment to highlight ESN. In addition, we expect many students and faculty to stop by our exhibit/booth. We’d love to hand them Scholar’s Compass booklets. Will you help us share Scholar’s Compass with students, faculty, and others?

Join us in thanking God for these growing opportunities. Sounds like a good reason for fireworks!

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The Emerging Scholars Network is always seeking opportunities to identify, encourage, and equip the next generation of Christian scholars to be a redeeming influence in the academy, church, and the world. As you have an announcement, a "call for papers", an event, a prayer request (e.g., campus, field, higher ed), a resource suggestion, a review, etc., which is in concord with our Kingdom of God endeavor, please send materials (marketing/sales material not accepted) for consideration to post via email or the ESN Writer Survey. Thank-you. To God be the glory!

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