6/22: From COSMOS to PSYCHE early bird reg. extended!

From COSMOS to PSYCHE. 2014 ASA CSCA CiS Annual Meetings. McMaster University. July 25-28.he early-bird registration for From COSMOS to PSYCHE closes (Note: on-line registration available through July 25).

Update: Deadline for the early-bird registration for From COSMOS to PSYCHE extended from June 15 to June 22. (Note: on-line registration available through July 25).


Joint annual meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation, the Canadian Scientific and Christian Association, and Christians in Science (UK). McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

July 25-28

If you are a student, don’t forget that your registration is free if you are a premier member and only $20 if you are a basic member (membership information). You may also qualify for a scholarship to cover a substantial part of your on-campus costs. If you are not a student but know someone who would be interested, consider sponsoring them and helping them attend.

Thank-you to the American Scientific Affiliation for the email reminder regarding early-bird registration (and its extension from June 15 to 22)! Yes, it’s time for me to work on my registration (and join the 177 others who have already registered). I truly look forward to connecting with some of you at McMaster University. I’m also really excited to increase awareness regarding Tom Ingebritsen’s Christianity & Science ESN Blog Series and his new project: A Little Book for New Scientists: Why and How to Study Science for InterVarsity Press. Pray for us as we prepare a display/”poster” for the exhibit hall to invite those present to become participants in and possibly even writers for ESN’s regular Science and Faith conversation. If you are not attending, but have interest in learning more about these endeavors, please drop me a line. As some of you know, I have very much enjoyed participating in several ASA Annual Mtgs and related gatherings. Click here for audio files and slides of presentations from last year’s mtgs focused on In God’s Image: Celebrating Creativity in Science and Invention, here for a little coverage of last year [including the launch of the Christian Women in Science (CWIS)], and here for ESN blog posts with the ASA tag. If there are particular sessions, topics, and/or interviews, you desire me to explore, please let me know. And yes, I may very well go to both the day ahead with John Walton (Origins Today: Genesis through Ancient Eyes) and the Post-Meeting Academy Regained Conference at Redeemer College (dinner with Al Wolters!). I am trying to work out the logistics.

Edward B. (“Ted”) Davis, Distinguished Professor of the History of Science at Messiah College in Grantham, PA. Note: If you’ve never explored History of Science, I highly recommend you visit out his webpage.

Addendum In a previous post my friend Edward B. (“Ted”) Davis, Distinguished Professor of the History of Science at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania, and former president of the ASA shared the benefits members of ESN receive not only from participation in the Annual Meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation, but more broadly by becoming a member of ASA.

The American Scientific Affiliation (www.asa3.org) is the premier science/faith organization in the Western Hemisphere. We publish a refereed quarterly journal, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, a bi-monthly newsletter, and host a blog only for members. I joined the ASA more than 30 years ago, and it has proved to be the most important professional decision I ever made. Through the ASA (including the years when I was a student) I have met dozens of world-class scientists and scholars who share my Christian faith; through the ASA I learned about most of the best books and article on science & Christianity; and in the ASA I have found wonderful fellowship with believers who understand and appreciate all of the main fields of pure and applied science. The annual meeting is always stimulating, well organized, and just plain fun to attend. Students are especially urged to come, at least to visit for a day, to get a sense of who we are and what we do. If you are a Christian in one of the sciences, this is an organization you want to be part of.

Tom on the bottom line: For over 70 years, the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) has provided excellent resources on the relationship between science and the Christian faith. I truly appreciate this network of Christians in the sciences who foster rich dialog and exchange of ideas through relationships, networking, conferencing, various online platforms, and publications. If you haven’t already done such, I encourage you to swing by their website and Facebook Wall 🙂

InterVarsity Reception at the 2013 ASA Annual Meetings. An opportunity to highlight the work of and invite participants to become more involved with InterVarsity’s Graduate & Faculty Ministry and Emerging Scholars Network.

Update (6/15, 8:15 am): Early registration extended from 6/15 to 6/22 🙂 Changed title/details of this blog post.

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