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2/25 Mary Poplin speaks at Carnegie Mellon U

In follow-up to The Unlikely Conversion of a Radical Scholar, below is a word from Mary Poplin, Professor of Education, Claremont Graduate University, regarding the value of the Emerging Scholars Network:

The Emerging Scholars Network is an essential and growing movement to help support Christian academicians in articulating their field as it is informed by the Christian worldview and to help encourage promising Christian graduate students to become professors. Unless we can increase the boldness of current faculty and new faculty, the hope of even being a part of the scholarly conversations at most universities is greatly diminished. Right now Christian academicians, thus the Christian worldview, does not have a visible presence in most universities.

That’s “why I do what I do” as an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff connected with the Emerging Scholars Network.  Time to hit the road so I can swing by Hearts & Minds Bookstore to pick-up materials for

Continue to pray for safe travel, good health, and clear articulation of the call of God.  If you’re local to one of these gatherings, please join us.  I’ll provide links to audio/video of various presentations when they are available 🙂

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