Favorite book on Christ and culture?

Playmobil Nativity Set

An example of the intersection between Christianity and culture

I just ordered my copy of James Davison Hunter’s To Change the World, which our Faculty Ministry team will be discussing later this summer. (Full disclosure: I wasn’t impressed with Hunter’s Christianity Today interview, so i’m hoping the book will change my mind.) But ordering the book made me wonder:

What’s your favorite book about Christ and culture?

Maybe it’s a classic like H. Richard Niebuhr’s Christ and Culture (one of the first books I read after becoming a Christian in college). Or something more recent like Andy Crouch’s Culture Making. Or a book connected to your discipline, or to the culture of the Bible.

What’s mine? Probably Dorothy Sayers’ Mind of the Maker. As a writer, her analysis of writers’ strengths and weaknesses helped me make sense of the craft during my college years, and I love the idea of using the Trinity itself as the explaining metaphor, rather than trying to find a metaphor to explain the Trinity.

So – what’s your favorite?

Photo Credit: The Playmobil Nativity Set, by The Spacebase via Flickr – is it cheesy commercialism…or a great way to help kids proclaim the narrative of the Incarnation?

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