More on ESN at Urbana 09

To add to Mike’s LAST Week in Review: ESN at Urbana 09, below are a few pictures and some of my joys of serving Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) at Urbana 09.

What a joy to …

  1. serve a nearly continuous stream of Urbana 09 delegates, including a number of international students and several faculty, at the ESN table.  As Mike noted, we received over 150 registrations.  Why the interest in the table, the reception, and the seminar?  Many students (not to mention postdocs and young faculty) continuing in higher education are searching for encouragement and equipping to reproduce the likeness of Christ on campus.  There is a passion/desire to hear about and a longing to receive mentoring from followers of Christ who are missionaries in word and deed on campus.  Some of  the most asked questions can be found in the post Topics for 2010?
  2. hear delegate after delegate comment that they were drawn to the table because they had read or wanted to read the books displayed on our table.  Thank-you for your contributions to Best Books for Undergrads: Your Picks!  The passion for reading and dialogue brings excitement to me as I turn attention to preparing book reviews, quotes, and studies for 2010.
  3. point out to international students and visiting scholars that the resources provided by ESN are web based and thereby accessible around the globe.  During one of our receptions, a campus minister from another country affirmed the value of our work and materials.  To God be the glory!
  4. step into 2010 with a growing network of Christian scholars who seek to be a redeeming influence within higher education.  What a privilege to be a member of a national network of followers of Christ across the disciplines and to personally connect students with mentors across a number of fields
    1. at Urbana 09
    2. via the Emerging Scholars Network
    3. through follow-up emails.
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