How do you find the time and the focus to write?

I apologize for not posting for quite some time.  But I have a good excuse as our family’s experiencing the explosive growth of a willful three year old who not only tirelessly explores but also agressively competes with a newborn and 8 year old twins for attention.  

Although my wife and I rejoice in our three year old’s overcoming of a number of developmental delays, we weren’t ready for so much to happen at the same time.  Further reflection offers that trying to do a fair amount of work at home in our kitchen area, which became a habit with the birth of our fourth child in June, creates a difficult atmosphere to accomplish tasks requiring longer periods of concentration.  Does anyone else live/work in a similar scenerio?  If so, how do you find the time and the ability focus to keep up with higher education’s continual demand for writing, presentations, and lectures? 

I’ll bet a few of you who don’t have families or kids face issues in finding the time and the ability to focus upon the materials required from you.  Please share a little about your context and how you try to address the obstacles which you face. 

BTW, I’ve been encouraged to set aside a time to write/prepare materials and not let anything violate it.  In addition, I’ve retired to the basement office with my hot chocolate for a lock down of sorts until lunch, which I’ll inevitably eat quite late as I get into extended periods of thought and composition.  So here I am getting the task done.  At least this one time 😉

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Tom Grosh IV

Enjoys daily conversations regarding living out the Biblical Story with his wife Theresa, four girls, around the block, at Elizabethtown Brethren in Christ Church (where he hosts the Christian Scholar Series), on campus as part of InterVarsity Graduate & Faculty Ministry (serving fellowships such as the Christian Medical Society/CMDA at Penn State College of Medicine), online as the Associate Director of the Emerging Scholars Network, in the culture at large, and in God's creation.

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