Career Stages

Posts from our guest series on academic career stages.

What I Wish I’d Know About Graduate School

Recently doctoral recipient Hannah Eagleson shares some hard-won advice from her graduate school experience.

  1. Introduction – What happens when you don’t balance your life?
  2. Balancing Life and Graduate School
  3. Surviving the Workload
  4. Managing Your Time and Having a Life

Finding a Postdoc in the Sciences

Duke postdoctoral fellow Kelly Seaton shares her advice for finding a postdoc in the sciences, based on her own experience and research.

  1. One Postdoc’s Journey
  2. Where Should I Begin?
  3. Identifying the Right Position
  4. Nailing the Interview
  5. Starting Your New Position

What I Wish I’d Known About Faculty Life

Queens College anthropology professor Kevin Birth relates several enlightening stories about life as a faculty member.

  1. Departmental Politics, Etc.
  2. Teaching the Curriculum, Etc.
  3. The Tenure Track, Etc.
  4. Any Regrets?
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