Did you make any resolutions?

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? I made a fairly modest one – to keep track what books I read this year. I attempted to make a list of everything I read in 2009, but it was much more difficult than I thought – last January is just a blur! So, this year, I plan to keep a running list, starting with James K. A. Smith’s Desiring the Kingdom.

But enough about me. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?

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Micheal Hickerson

The former Associate Director for the Emerging Scholars Network, Micheal lives in Cincinnati with his wife and three children and works as a web manager for a national storage and organization company. He writes about work, vocation, and finding meaning in what you do at No Small Actors.

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  • tobingrant@gmail.com'
    JTG commented on January 11, 2010 Reply

    I resolve to read fewer blogs. Doh!

  • Thomas B. Grosh IV commented on January 13, 2010 Reply

    New year resolution: to treat my wife Theresa to at least 1 date a month in which we leave our four girls in the capable care of family and friends. And meals at a campus ministry retreat do not qualify, even if I’m not directing the retreat.

    PS. Byron Borger of Hearts and Minds Bookstore has James K. A. Smith’s “Desiring the Kingdom” in a tie for THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK OF THE YEAR with Matthew Crawford’s “Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work.” I’d encourage everyone to skim through his Best Books of 2009 Part I, http://www.heartsandmindsbooks.com/reviews/best_books_of_2009_part_one/ … Part II will be coming.

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