Harvey Fellows: $16,000 for Graduate School

This is a great opportunity for Christians pursuing graduate education. The Harvey Fellows, an initiative of the Mustard Seed Foundation, provides annual stipends of $16,000 (renewable for up to 3 years!) for Christians pursuing graduate education in fields in which Christians are underrepresented. (Note: they include “research, teaching, and administration at premier colleges and universities” as one of these fields, so most ESN members will qualify.) The Harvey Fellows also target students in programs that are recognized as among the “top five” in their discipline, and you can either be in or applying to a graduate program.

The deadline for this year’s application is November 1. Also, if you have an old application sitting in your file cabinet, the Harvey Fellows now require you to submit an on-line application, so visit their website to start the process.

6 thoughts on “Harvey Fellows: $16,000 for Graduate School

  1. Andrew Moon

    I wonder if anybody knows how much the “top-5″ requirement matters? I’m from Mizzou, and it’s far from a top-5 school in philosophy (my program), but it has been able to produce hirings in tenure-track jobs in important universities.

  2. Micheal Hickerson Post author

    That is a great question, and I will see if I can get an answer to it (including how they determine “top five” status). I note on their website, though, that they will also consider WHO you are studying with, not just where.

  3. Tim Cupery

    I’m a current Harvey Fellow, and have reviewed applications in previous years, and the “top program criteria” does matter and is a useful “cropping tool” when cutting down the number of applications necessary to review.

    Now, there is a fair bit of wiggle-room: a program may be elite overall, or elite in a particular sub-field in which you study. And there is significant wiggle-room in defining top-five anyway; it’s not a hard-and-fast category. But based on your description of Mizzou philosophy, it’s unlikely your department would qualify.

  4. Carol Calhoun

    How Do You Respond to Anti-Christian Rhetoric? I used to get offended but now try to respond with love and the Word as much as I am able and trust God to do the rest as the Word never comes back void – my secret weapon!

  5. margaret akumu

    Hello what criteria do you use to evaluate international students more so from African part of the world? i applied and mailed my materials almost a month ago and yet have not received a notifier mail if it has reached your office yet back in my country (Kenya) have confirmed that they were aired and should have arrived. thanks


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