Vote: Round 2 ESN March Madness ’14 closes at midnight

What is the most pressing issue for the Christian to engage when journeying in higher ed?

Let the games begin!

The second round of ESN March Madness ’14 will close at midnight tonight (3/14). If you haven’t already done such, please cast your vote and encourage others to get their head in the game: Below are the stats (from my last peek) . . . I wonder if there will need to be a tie breaker between Pluralism & tolerance and Finding & keeping vocation. How about the significant leads of Integrating faith & field, Realizing justice in action, and U.S. Culture & Christianity over their “friendly rival”? I wouldn’t be surprised if Diversity in higher ed edges out Purpose of higher ed. A conversation for Friday night and/or Saturday morning?

PS. As I have shared previously, please do not hesitate to share your responses to the trends by using . . .

  • the comments feature on relevant blog posts and on the ESN blog pages which share more about each of the brackets
  • the discussion page on the tourney site.
    • Where I learned about this excellent reflection: On Books, March Madness and Biblical Study (Fresh Read: Listening to the Biblical Text. 3/6/2014). Influence/change the way you cast your vote?
    • I am hoping to come across more posts such as On Books, March Madness and Biblical Study as we get into the thick of the tourney. If you post on the tourney (e.g., blog, Pinterest, open group on Facebook, Twitter, etc.), please drop me a line so I don’t miss the action 🙂 Thank-you 

PPS. To learn about the inspiration of ESN March Madness ’14, swing by The Challenge of ESN’s March MadnessTo offer direct input on particular future topics for consideration on the blog, become part of the mix at the newly formed ESN help me write. To God be the glory!

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