ESN March Madness 14: Selection Show

Let the games begin!

Thank-you to the many who have contributed not only nominations for ESN March Madness ’14:

Which topics must Christians be prepared to engage in today’s higher education?

but also encouragement and insight regarding how to continue to develop the tournament as a learning community which advances the call for engaging the university in a hands on manner. In response, the focus of the ESN March Madness ’14 voting is:

What is the most pressing issue for the Christian to engage when journeying in higher ed?

As with Collegiate Basketball’s March Madness, please take a few minutes to review the teams by bracket before voting:

In reviewing the brackets you’ll realize that the teams are shorthand for nominations received at The Challenge of ESN’s March Madness and Last call for nominations . . . let the madness begin 😉 They are all excellent topics/issues which will receive attention in future posts. As a matter of fact, I have started to add them to a running list of potential future topics. Please cast votes and leave comments in help me write.

As you vote in March Madness ’14, please share

  • why you consider particular issues to be pressing
  • particular resources you have found of benefit when exploring these issues. These will be used as starter material updating and developing resource pages. More on that coming. . . . Thank-you for joining in the games and being part of the team.

Let the games begin! To God be the glory!

Note: ESN March Madness ’14 updates throughout the rounds. Onsite there is an event log, an opportunity for discussion, the ability to print a copy of the tourney to post/share with others, and links to share across various media.

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